ZHU Reveals Upcoming Western-Inspired Livestream from A Moving Train

ZHU is always pushing the boundaries and reimagining DJ sets / performances with visual landscapes that range from edgy to ethereal. Up next, he’ll livestream from a train, putting himself into a modern day Western film.

“I had a dream in the next stream,” he shared back on September 20th. “I’m going to be in the western.” And in a run of tweets that resembled an organic stream of consciousness, he gave a little more insight in the following days of what to expect.

“The next stream will be a full set.”

“The next stream will be on a train.”

From the Japanese Alps to a cool, California desert, ZHU’s backdrops are ever-changing and always deliver. The producer’s Billings Locomotive livestream takes place from a Montana landscape on October 8th. Check back here to watch when it happens.