23-year-old Jem unveils the captivating single "Secrets"

Turkish-London-based independent singer-songwriter Jem shares the transfixing single "Secrets". Despite being his debut release, the cinematic cut reveals an artist rooted with wisdom and the clarity of exactly the kind of artist he wishes to be.

Blending Middle Eastern percussions and bolstered by a rock-infused guitar, the single pairs his Western sounds with the delicate sonics of the East. A flourishing exploration into contemporary culture, the paired visuals from renowned director Mu Tunc are cinematically captivating and enhance the track's authenticity. The raw acoustic guitar plucks create an earthy texture to the track, encompassing the listener to truly be in the present.

"Sometimes I visualise my songs before writing them," he explains. "With this song, imagery came to me in a dream-like state, and all I did was react musically to how these images made me feel. When writing Music, I always hark back to a place, a visual, a feeling that reminds me of the warm and embracing state of where I grew up. I've always been interested in the unknown, and the feeling lies between the lines. Music and art are my way of highlighting the beauty that I see, which is often buried with a plain sight for most people."

The track's collaborative partnership between musician and director has enabled its ability to connect with its listener. The harmonies throughout are meditative, leading to an inspiring single underscored with warmth and sepia tones. Bolstered with vivid imagery, "Secrets" is a kaleidoscopic blend of worlds.

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