Akemi Fox is “Onto Something”

UK singer/songwriter Akemi Fox‘s newest release “Onto Something” is a soul gripping piece that showcases her silky vocals layered over a smooth hypnotic laidback backdrop. The track serves as her follow up to her previous single “Lemon Tea.” She is supported by her longtime collaborator Teo who produced the track.

The track is quite special as she decides to allow Teo to join her in the songwriting aspect and both team up to deliver a solid piece that centers around self-realization in love. Bolstered by the moody and somewhat surreal backdrop, Fox’s sublime vocal takes center stage with its unique sultriness.  She details a push and pull situation between her and an individual and concludes that the coy games need to stop as she really wants to be with that person.

“Onto Something” sits right in the middle of Akemi’s recently debut EP Colour You In​ and serves as a bridge of some sort that connects the entire project. Entirely produced by Teo, the project is specifically crafted for those who center on happiness and light as well as have a positive and uplifting outlook on life. 

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