Grace Corsi shares an emotive and harmonious new single “Museum of My Love”

In Grace Corsi’s latest musical endeavour, the intersection of her passion for acoustic instruments, poetic vocals and positive change is vividly showcased. The focus on songwriting reveals her prowess as a confident and candid songwriter, with vocals that possess a gentle yet passionate tone. The composition’s production intricately weaves together strings and percussion, creating a rich and soulful musical tapestry that mirrors Grace’s diverse influences. This single not only showcases Grace Corsi’s musical talents but also serves as a reflection of her dedication to storytelling, community building and positive change. 

Her artistic journey, rooted in the lush landscapes of Seattle, is reflected in the nature imagery and contemplative style of her music. Drawing from dual degrees in Jazz Voice and GeoDesign, Grace’s innovative compositional approach fuses jazz harmony with folk melodies, resulting in a sound that transcends traditional boundaries. Her commitment to sustainability and community health, evident in her urban planning work, finds resonance in the positive and purposeful messages embedded in her lyrics.

The harmonious blend of acoustic elements and innovative songwriting ensures that audiences experience a captivating journey through both nature and musical innovation. 

Grace says, “I wrote this song in the hallway of a Vienna hostel with a borrowed guitar – inspired by the striking architecture, the layers of history and a disappointing visit with someone I was trying not to love. As both a songwriter and urban planner, my songs are deeply rooted in a sense of place; the song’s chorus personifies the city and likens my love to a uselessly beautiful artefact, a grand gesture. I composed the string quartet parts to reinforce the song’s drama, whimsy, and dark romanticism. It’ll be released in late fall’s poetic dying moments.”

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