Allan Palacios Chan shares enchanting Christmas single “Coventry Carol/What Child is This”

Philippine-born American tenor extraordinaire Allan Palacios Chan enchants listeners with his Christmas single, “Coventry Carol/What Child is This.” Offering up a transcendent blend of centuries of musical legacy with contemporary charm, the track marks Chan’s transformative crossover musicality that weaves a rich tapestry of chant, baroque, pop, and operatic influences on an ethereal holiday experience.

Framed by layers of history and modernity, the track brings a poignant narrative that intertwines the ancient horrors of King Herod’s era on “Coventry Carol,” with tender harmonies on “What Child is This,” unveiling his magnetic presence and wide-ranging sonic repertoire.

Collaborating with a distinguished team of artisans at the Village Studios in LA, Chan, alongside Grammy Award-winning mastering engineer Eric Boulanger and a chamber orchestra boasting graduates from esteemed institutions such as Juilliard and Curtis, crafts a lush sonic landscape merging antique instruments with modern finesse.

Speaking of the inspiration behind the single, Chan says, “We chose this music because of the contrast it provides… ‘Coventry Carol’ is practically secular, speaking on the horrors of the time of Judea when King Herod ordered the massacre of the innocents…it is a lullaby sung to the murdered children.  Then comes the gentleness of ‘What Child is This’, over the age-old Greensleeves ditty to create a sort of medley.  I love the contrast this music provides and did not expect the subject matter to become so horrifyingly relevant as the world seemed to be set on fire during the recording process.”

Offering up an enriching musical experience that soothes our soul yet leaves a tinge of mystery to allure us, Chan has us ready to welcome Christmas with warmth and serenity.

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