Alpha Venturi emerges with entrancing and powerful rock single “Radiate”

New York-based multi-genre power rock trio Alpha Venturi just released their new single “Radiate” from their debut self-titled album released on the same day.

The band, brainchild of vocalist and guitarist Sean Quinn Hanley and drummer Tyler Stackhouse, came together at the start of the pandemic as a way to escape tumultuous times and quickly grew into a multi-faceted touring band with a special and eclectic sound that embraces both the old and the new.

“Radiate” is about love, boundaries, and self-awareness. Stemming from the idea that “unconditional love can exist without draining oneself to save another” says Hanley, the song reminds us that life is always changing and sometimes in order to move on, we have to be comfortable with letting go. As one of the more mellow songs on the album, Hanley showcases his powerful vocal capabilities and soul-bearing emotion. The instrumentation is an inventful and well-constructed, reminiscent of multiple eras for a blend of nostalgic and alluring sounds. Trance like electric guitar and immersive soundscapes make this song best played with the volume up loud or better yet, played live. “It’s a song that reminds the listener that the ebb and flow is as natural to life as a single pulsating heartbeat – as the heartbeats, life must continue on,” Hanley continues.

In addition to releasing their new single and album, Alpha Venturi is set to embark on an East Coast Tour later this month in support of legendary guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen. A fluid, hypnotic collision of hard rock and metal that incorporates elements of funk, dance, progressive, and thrash, Alpha Venturi has a little something for everyone. As a band on a mission to help people find their own authentic voice, we love what they contribute and can’t wait to follow the band as they step out onto the music scene.

Check out “Radiate” here and get lost in rock n’ roll bliss.

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