Amen Sioux delivers hypnotic indie pop bliss on “Useless” [Video]

Amen Sioux‘s remarkable and diverse music has garnered attention, and he has recently announced thrilling news. After the triumph of his 2022 singles, such as the tropical Indie Pop tune “Shivering in Bed”, the hazy “Days Like This”, and the impressive debut “Real”, Amen Sioux has hinted at an upcoming EP.

Part of the enigma surrounding Amen Sioux is that little is known about him beyond his music. He intentionally maintains a mysterious persona, and there’s not much information available online about him. Although there have been rumors about his past involvement with the band New Ivory, which was signed to Steve Aoki‘s record label Dim Mak, Amen Sioux appears to prefer to communicate through his art, allowing it to speak for itself.

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Amen Sioux has an abundance of new music to unveil, and his fourth release “Useless” sets the tone for his year of fresh tunes. The anthem-like song is a fusion of indie electronica, dream pop, and alternative RnB, all with a hint of psychedelia. Its bold, forceful, and raw sound exudes energy and liveliness. From the commanding drumbeat to the exceptional synth arrangements, ‘Useless’ is a composition of catchy melodies that are easy to sing along to.

Amen Sioux has shared that “Useless” draws inspiration from his troubled relationship with his girlfriend, conveying the tumultuous emotions he experienced during that time. Through his emotive and relatable lyrics, he delves into feelings of relief, regret, longing, and resentment, recounting his tale of modern heartbreak and whirlwind courtship. Prepare to be entranced as you enter Amen Sioux’s hypnotic world!

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