An Interview with Paul Hernandez of Refined Republic: Why Verification is Not Enough for Artists and Creators Anymore

The digital age has made it essential for artists and creators to establish a solid online presence. However, Paul Hernandez, a prominent figure in the music industry, warns that verification alone is not enough. In a recent interview, Hernandez stated that while becoming verified on social media was once a sought-after status symbol, it no longer guarantees notoriety or credibility.

The Refined Republic founder said anyone could become verified by paying for a subscription, making the blue checkmark next to one’s name an unreliable indicator of legitimacy. Instead, Hernandez advises artists and creators to focus on developing other aspects of their web presence, such as strong Google search authority, reliable press coverage, and original articles that showcase their work, knowledge, and accomplishments.

Hernandez emphasizes that media coverage is critical for showcasing the credibility and notoriety of public figures, performers, innovators, and producers. To differentiate oneself from the competition and demonstrate value to potential clients, employers, and collaborators, it is crucial to have exclusive coverage of one’s work and accomplishments.

“Verification is no longer regarded as noteworthy and is instead used to verify a person’s identity using their ID,” said Hernandez. “To establish one’s legitimacy and reputation, it is essential to have news coverage that supports them, demonstrates that they are noteworthy figures, and involves major outlets.”

In conclusion, Hernandez encourages artists and creators to develop a solid internet presence through press coverage and other methods to showcase their credibility and notoriety. “Strong Google search authority, reliable news coverage, and original articles that discuss them and what they do are ways that more individuals may set themselves apart,” said Hernandez. “This, rather than simply having a blue badge, is how talent will be displayed in the future, in my opinion.”

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