Anna Salman shares debut EP ‘This Summer Won’t Last’ brings sad girl pop to life

Anna Salman, a rising star in indie pop music, has just released her debut EP, “This Summer Won’t Last.” The album is  getting much attention from music lovers. The EP is a collection of seven songs exploring love, loss, and the passage of time. Her emotional and heartfelt lyrics, beautiful voice, and melodies create a powerful and moving experience for everyone.

In “This Summer Won’t Last,” she takes us on a musical journey that’s both nostalgic and introspective. From the haunting melodies of “Not The One” to the dreamy sounds of “Summer,” each song has a unique feel and tells a different story. The EP ends with “Thanks For Not Loving Me,” a touching tribute to overcoming heartbreak and finding strength in difficult times.

At just over 26 minutes, “This Summer Won’t Last” is a perfect escape for anyone who needs to reflect on life’s ups and downs. Her music reminds us that we’re not alone in our struggles and that music can be a powerful tool for healing and self-expression. With this EP, Salman has established herself as a talented artist with a bright future in the indie pop scene.

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