“Escape Velocity” with Lomon’s new intergalactic single

Seattle’s psychedelic indie-electro artist Lomon drops “Escape Velocity,” a trip-inducing masterpiece, allowing listeners to breakaway from the mundanity of everyday life. Through laid-back, melancholy melodies the songwriter tells the story of a man, stuck in a rut. Despite his many attempts to break the cycle of his bad habits, he keeps lapsing with each try.

“Escape Velocity” is the perfect soundtrack for lazy days. Drifting, effortless vocals, soaring harmonies and atmospheric soundscapes create the makeup for Lomon’s easygoing sound—sonically, a juxtaposition to its rather solemn theme. However, the song ends on a positive note, with the songwriter emphasizing the importance of keeping your head up even in the toughest of times and finding the light at the end of the tunnel. Lomon shares, “The song’s protagonist feels completely defeated. But as it goes on, he becomes more hopeful and optimistic. So maybe listening to the song will inspire someone to pick themselves back up after falling down, and marching on again.”

Lomon’s love for all things sci-fi and intergalactic shines through into his music. He has established a distinct sound, conjuring up images of a different universe and a world with no limitations, where things defy categorization. We all want to go there and Lomon makes that possible.

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