ÄTNA tease forthcoming album with pop synth sizzler “Hiatus”

Rising German duo ÄTNA return with synth-driven, alt-pop enigmatic new single “Hiatus” as they tease their forthcoming album out later this Autumn. 

Hailing from Dresden, the duo comprising of Inéz and Demian are one of Germany’s most exciting talents making waves internationally. They have already reached global recognition in recent months with a critically acclaimed performance at SXSW this year, standing out from the crowd for their combination of multi-faceted music and visually memorable music videos.

As for their new single “Hiatus”, the track is a dreamy bop, fuelled by their ethereal lyrics and vocals, layered with electro warped effects that drift between immersive synth and alt pop. Sharing their take on their new single ÄTNA explain, “Hiatus brings together the sunlit energy of “Summer Jam” with the irresistible groove of “Sexual Healing”, inviting you to bask in a moment that feels like an escape into a musical oasis.”

Though often assumed to be part of Berlin’s vibrant musical underbelly, ÄTNA have stayed true to their roots in Dresden. This geographic choice perhaps contributes to their raw truth and identity, allowing them to cultivate a sound that is refreshingly different from the mainstream. Their previous albums, “Made By Desire” and “Push Life,” showcased a bold departure from traditional German pop, opting instead for a blend of artful sophistication that sets them apart.

ÄTNA’s reputation as sonic innovators is well-deserved as they as their collaborations also demonstrate a commitment to push their creative boundaries. Their ability to mix compelling hooks with distinct rhythms has earned them a devoted international following and their versatility is seen in work with notable artists and like Solomun, MEUTE, the NDR Bigband, and the prestigious BRSO Orchestra. 

As they prepare to release their new album this Autumn, “Hiatus” serves as a compelling introduction to what promises to be another dynamic and bold project from ÄTNA.

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