Natalie Clark shares an enchanting symphony in her latest “Miracle”

Natalie Clark singer-songwriter shares this beautiful new song called “Miracle”. She worked with music producer Todd Spadafore out in LA to make this really amazing, different kind of song and “Miracle” ain’t just a song though – it’s like this whole experience that makes ya feel all sorts of emotions. Natalie’s got a killer voice and Todd knows his stuff when it comes to producing music. Together they cooked up something real special with this track.

Natalies vocals blend so nice with the music in “Miracle”. The song’s got this way of making you happy and sad at the same time, ya know? It’s just so good at pulling out all these feelings.

Todd said When Natalie first played me the song, we knew we wanted to make it into something extra meaningful. We didn’t just wanna record it; we wanted it to be overflowing with emotion. “Miracle” is what we got out of working together and I think it’s a real beautiful song that tugs on the heart strings.

When you listen to “Miracle”, it’s like you enter this special place where you let all the feelings wash over ya. Natalie Clarks new jam ain’t your average tune – it’s something special that’ll have ya grinning one minute and choking up the next.

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