BANNERS teams up with Lily Meola on enchanting track “Perfectly Broken (Duet Version)”

Liverpool based award-winning pop singer-songwriter Michael Nelson, aka BANNERS delivers a refreshing take on the effects of societal expectations imposed upon us by media on “Perfectly Broken (Duet Version),” featuring soulful vocals from America’s Got Talent breakout act Lily Meola.

A mesmerising production that ponders on self-image, the track encourages listeners to embrace their imperfections and celebrate it as something that sets us apart and makes us unique.

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Offering a glimpse of his forthcoming album All Back to Mine, the captivating production draws us in with a solid combination of enchanting vocals and lush sonics.

Speaking of the track, he says,“It’s a song about two halves coming together to create one beautiful thing and that’s what she’s done. I didn’t know the song needed it until I heard her voice but now I think ‘Perfectly Broken’ would feel a little lost without her. She’s brought a beautiful, raw emotion that adds a whole new layer of meaning. I love the new dimension she’s brought to it. I was already really proud of ‘Perfectly Broken’ and now I love it even more.”

Having begun his musical journey aged seven, BANNERS has transformed into a household name whose cinematic soundscapes allure us consistently.

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