Jazz Mino proves that it's aye-okay to feel "Fragile"

Following her electro-bop "Shy," half-Iranian, half-English songwriter Jazz Mino releases the stellar new single, "Fragile". Taken from her forthcoming EP, the single is an evocative moment of allowing yourself to feel vulnerable in fragility.

Rooted in Mino's inimitable pop idiosyncrasies, the single is an uplifting ode to opening yourself up to being more fragile and allowing yourself to open up to others. With a laidback groove beneath Mino's emotional vocal range, lyrics like "fragile isn't weak, it takes strength to say how you really feel" are a reminder that being human isn't necessarily a battle between being strong and weak, in fact, a blend of the two is the best outlet for emotional vulnerability. 

"I wrote Fragile as sort of a note to myself…" says Mino. Her lyricism detailing the clear honesty from an artist who prevails in integrity. "It was at a time in my life where I was really struggling, I just felt so in the dark and alone, but painted on this happy persona because I was scared that if I showed the ‘real me’, people would be put off. Looking back it feels kind of sad admitting that… But I finally opened up with friends and my fans about what I was going through, and I’ve never felt so connected and supported. I wrote Fragile shortly after that, and it’s been my constant reminder that being open, vulnerable, and talking, makes us all stronger”.

Jazz Mino writes from the heart. And for that, we appreciate her work. Lifting something that many of us feel and sometimes battle with, that reassurance that things are going to be okay, even if you feel like you're stuck in a rut, is the clarity that we need from a smooth-cut pop song. Jazz Mino may first sound like just another alt-pop songwriter, but he words cut deep and uplift those who take the time to internalise her messages. And that's a true songwriting craft.

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