Bea Stewart shares intense and vulnerable indie folk gem “Stitch It Up”

“Stitch It Up” by Bea Stewart is a beautiful pop-folk single that showcases the singer’s musical roots and heritage in Irish folk music. With crystal-clear production and impressive songwriting, Bea’s voice stands out among the crowd. The song tells a heartfelt story of acknowledging a voice in her head and is a testament to her personal growth as an artist.

The collaboration with producer Eliot James, who has worked with big names in the music industry, has resulted in a sound that blends Bea’s folk sensibility with James’ indie-pop craftsmanship. Bea’s lyrics are introspective and reveal her struggles with self-doubt, making “Stitch It Up” a relatable and empowering tune. With the release of her debut EP, Bea Stewart is an artist to watch in the coming years.

Speaking on the new single, Bea explains: “Stitch it up may as well be an entry straight out of my journal. It’s a song I wrote to acknowledge the critical voice inside my head, particularly when it tells me that I don’t have anything valuable to say and that I should just stop talking or singing or writing songs. I found that once I had addressed that voice and acknowledged what it was, it was a lot easier to let go of the things it was telling me. I didn’t really plan for anyone to hear it as I was writing it but after I had finished it felt like something I should share.”

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