Benedict drops anthemic call-to-action "Wake Up" [Video]

Melbourne based multi-hyphenate Benedict drops anthemic new track “Wake Up,” delivering a strong message which calls for unity, understanding and peace. Opening with passionate, atmospheric piano instrumentals which give smoothly away to soft synths, the haunting, slow-build offering builds on the strength of Benedict’s husky yet bold vocals in an alluring and persuasive manner.

With a cinematic feel that swells with a nuanced string arrangement, the track which was born out of Benedict’s Zoom discussion with close friend and singer-songwriter Chrissie Derales is a production with ten minutes behind its creation but several years-worth of discrimination and injustice.

A self-described “people’s anthem,” Benedict takes a stand for every person around the globe, peeling away layers of race, religion, gender and sexuality leaving behind only the most important aspect of life, the beating heart of humanity. Seeking to break down every ounce of fear and division that exists in the stratosphere of society, the multi-talented artist charts a path towards true freedom through “Wake Up.”

Produced by Dean Tuza and mixed by  NYC-based producer Lee Groves,“Wake Up,” is as haunting in its slow-build sonics as it is empowering in its poignant lyricism. The deeply emotive visuals that accompany the track add another impactful push to Benedict’s creative endeavour.  

Co-directed and choreographed by Benedict themselves alongside Andy Chappell and Kelly Thomas, the carefully crafted video layers moody lighting over spliced footage from significant protests throughout history with a hyper-sharp aim of highlighting “unity, hope, world issues.” Successfully contrasting the pain and traumas suffered by the world with the idea of being better together, as one, the video further propels the compelling, heartfelt message of the track.

With inventive talent and keen dedication to make the world a better place through their craft, Benedict draws us in with their own experiences, establishing representation of minorities straight from the depths of their own life. As a non-binary artist and founder of their own record label, Tomboi Records, which hopes to shine a light on those who are under-represented within the music industry, Benedict is not only made for big things themselves but they are also bringing everyone else along for the ride in a true stand for representation.

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