Berlin DJ duo ALYGIA debut with “Remember Me” [Video]

As we approach the end of summer, with much of the dance floors across the world closed until further notice, Berlin-based dance music debutants ALYGIA boldly emerge with a late-summer anthem, “Remember Me.” With a title and video that may refer to club culture as it was, the irrefutably infectious energy is set to reignite the spark.

Reminiscent of such pioneering artists as Fatboy Slim and The Chemical Brothers, “Remember Me” highlights dance music’s sample-based history with a poised, yet purposefully carefree finesse. Led by a sample of Marlena Shaw’s timeless classic, “Woman of the Ghetto,” the track embarks with a grooving Rhodes progression which both suitably embellishes the sample and sets a head-bobbing rhythm. A four-to-the-floor kick maintains it as further drums filter in, intensifying the elevating passion in the sample; clearly navigating towards the crux of the track. The drop then hits, introducing a buoyant bass melody that propels the sample’s now unforgettable staccato melody firmly into your mind, leaving it to rattle around until you hear it again.

“Remember Me” is out now via CRISP.

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