bexx explores solidarity and sympathy on “One More Night”

Eclectic alt-pop artist bexx is back with her latest single “One More Night.”  Topped with 80’s-inspired synths, layered harmonies, and eloquent vocals, the British artist delivers a tune that will blast fans straight into summer.

Carving out her own style and musical persona, bexx’s experimentalism has been thriving in recent months. “One More Night” takes inspiration from the 1997 romcom My Best Friend’s Wedding and narrates a compelling narrative. Pairing that with throbbing bass-lines and devoting tales of love, bexx has not only pays tribute to her favorite movie, but also expresses her own emotions about facing an impending breakup. In her words, she shares, “The song is from Julianne’s perspective in My Best Friend’s Wedding, but it’s also from mine. Even though my relationship wasn’t healthy, I really just wanted one more perfect night with this person before I had to cut them loose.” Painfully honest, the relatable song shimmers with colorful synths and movement-inducing melodies as she sings, “we’ll be drunk at karaoke / dancing to the way you look tonight.”

Whether you’re looking to delve into a tune resembling the very best of 80’s inspired euphoria, or hope to find solidarity in bexx’s lyrical ingenuity, we can guarantee that “One More Night” is not one to be missed!

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