Bexxie elevates with engaging single “The Time”

New York electronic artist Bexxie has returned with a new release called “The Time” on Anjunabeats. While she first gained wider recognition in the house music scene a few years ago, she is no newcomer, having been producing and DJing since the late 90s in the NYC. For her latest single “The Time”, she provides an engaging house release decorated with vibrant dashes of deep, tropical, and mystic stylings.

“The Time” starts off strong with muscular, driving bass and enlivening percussion blending together to create an enticing groove. Above, the heavier rhythmics contrast engagingly with airy, warm keys and uplifting synths. “The Time”’s production is layered and atmospheric, creating a dream-like ambiance that immerses the listener in its warmth. Her vocals are evocative and infectious as well, with lyrics that find her going back and forth internally, fixating on the impermanence of relationships and wondering when is “the time” to move on?

Discussing “The Time”, Bexxie says, “The meaning behind the lyrics is that feeling when you intuitively know it’s “the time” for a relationship to end, but both of you are maybe holding on longer than you should. There always comes “the time” when someone just intuitively knows it’s time for them to make a change in their life, whether that’s ending a relationship, changing careers, finally pursuing a lifelong dream, making the time/space for yourself, and the list could go on.”

The latest from NYC electronic mainstay Bexxie, “The Time” makes for a vital house offering that continues her run of infectious, vibrant singles.

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