Lukewarmdaily96 releases the heartfelt EP "Cluck"

Lo-fi alt-pop artist Lukewarmdaily96 shares his five-track EP Cluck. The Irish singer-songwriter hailing from Cork has crafted compelling work with slow-burning, acoustic-driven alt-pop that is rife with emotion.

Switching between dainty alt-pop sounds to abrasive guitars, the lastest single "Poison Apple" is a track that fuses psychedelic vocals with a driving bass line. A track about recklessness, it's transitions are quick but embellised with wit. "Poison Apple was the last song I wrote for the EP, and it’s one of my favourites," he says. "I’ve definitely been a reckless person and it’s probably the loudest part of my personality, so it’s fitting that it would be the loudest song on the EP."

Second single "Fiat Punto" takes on a hint of hyperpop with it's vocals and explorative sonics. It's a haunting highlight of the EP and utilises autotune to push the vocals to the forefront of the rising backdrop. On "Nov", Lukewarmdaily96 takes on a more melancholic route into self-exploration. It's a heartfelt single that focuses on his honest storytelling and glides with intricate guitar twangs that would even make Phoebe Bridgers jealous. Whilst "St Lukes" unearths a folk-y atmopshere that dwells in the moment, his debut single "Peaching" is a poetic offering that refines the intimacy of songwriting.

Telling us more about the EP, he says: "The songs on ‘Cluck’ are like different states of my personality. It’s a very honest collection of songs and it has sharp edges. I could round those edges off but then it wouldn’t be me."

"Cluck" is an EP built with an intensity of heart, emotion and a clear vision. A set of tracks that explores reality with heartfelt lyricism, this is an EP that draws singer-songwriter with alt-pop with intent.

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