BlackLiq x Ohbliv show us how to “Rhyme” [Video]

Rapper and producer duo BlackLiq and Ohbliv continue to push their latest collaborative EP, What Will It Take, they return with another video from the project. The song in question is titled “Rhyme”, an apt title for the lyric-dense track which boasts brilliant rhyme schemes and an equally hard-hitting soundscape. BlackLiq sounds motivated and pens a mix of vivid imagery stringed by immaculate wordplay and internal rhyme structures. He sure raises the bar with lines like “Its ovations in locations it’s fun its everything, Being while becoming learning how to breathe and mc/ Its conception ill-conceived perceived by those received/ As a product its my heart on the sleeve or cd” as he proves why he would always love the music game.

As for the visual, BlackLiq says it was shot as early as 5 am in 30-degree weather and it’s only having true love that would make one do such. The visual style is quite dark and moody and makes use of a lot of cut scenes, performance shots and subtle transitions. Overall, it’s clean and simple.

[embedded content]

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