Gaby K narrates facets of romantic relationships on EP The Good, The Bad & The Boring

Birmingham indie act Gaby K narrates the different facets of romantic relationships on debut EP The Good, The Bad &The Boring, delivering an enticing fusion of soulful pop soundscapes and empowering messages drawn from her own relationships. Reflecting on her journey, framed by strength and the fierceness, the EP thrums with encouragement to stand up for ourselves as her husky, bold voice drives forward laid-back yet lush sonics.

Opening with the catchy croon of “Like You Should,” to the synth-infused, electro-tinged stand-out “Running,” the burgeoning musician moves from emotive tones to groovy foot-tapping vibes effortlessly. Following up with the minimal, acoustic style of “Not My Boyfriend,” Gaby K leans into her powerful song writing abilities, discussing the freedom to do whatever you want – whether it’s being in a relationship or enjoying single life.

Guitar-led offerings “On Your String,” and “Three Little Worlds,” shine a light on her soft, soothing vocals before the lush pianos of final track “War,” bring the EP to an uplifting finish. Channeling vulnerability and frustrations just as much as positivity, The Good, The Bad &The Boring is drenched in relatable tales of relationships as it reminds us of our own worth.

Having found her love for music aged only 12, Gaby’s passion and talent have consistently grown as her easy-going sonics, poignant lyricism and natural charm have seen her build up a solid fanbase set to catapult her into further fame.

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