Brando Bambino and Mickey Factz join forces for "Formula 1" [Video]

"Formula 1" is a one-off collaboration between Puerto Rico-based emcee Brando Bambino and NY rap veteran Mickey Factz. Both emcees come together for an unadulterated, bar fest with the help of the producer Pyramid Tapes who laces them with the most sinister backdrop on this side of the ocean. Factz sets the pace with his unassuming style chock full of wild wordplay and wit followed by Bambino's ultra-relaxed flow. The duo easily holds their own and brings a distinct vibe with their colorful bravado-laden bars. As gritty rap tracks go, they forgo the use of gimmicky hooks and instead employ the use of a retro formula 1 commentary to pepper the track and separate both verses.

The visual makes use of old Formula 1 racing clips and obscure racing anime to bring the track to life. I love how they not only use racing clips but also take us behind the scenes as well, from celebrations, altercations between racers, and mild to tragic accidents.

From Virginia Beach to New Orleans, now landing in Puerto Rico, Brando Bambino has a traditional, vintage 90's grit about him. Almost all his content is entirely in-house produced, including videos and artwork.

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