Chris Wills unveils his effervescent and spirited new self-titled EP

Indie-pop/rock artist Chris Wills drops his self-titled EP. The four-track release delivers a laid-back charisma. Diving into themes of self-acceptance, conviction and finding your inner strength, the unique offering is an entrancing introduction into a more assertive and confident Wills. 

Beginning with his standout hit “Pyro” this Brian Wilson-esque track oozes with delicate tropical soundscapes and soft, dreamy vocals. This bright yet mellow track narrates a chaotic relationship that others may not fully understand, but he has accepted that’s it is okay to find attraction in something that’s outside the norm.

“L.A. On MY Mind” possesses a more rowdy rock style with jangly guitars and thrashing drums. This upbeat anthem of rebellion is Wills taking a daring leap and moving to Los Angeles without looking back. Listeners will definitely be jamming out to this highly infectious tune. 

“Carry You Home” is an encouraging track about trusting in yourself and the one you love no matter how tough things may seem. With uplifting acoustic guitars and impassioned vocals, you can take solace in the idea that someone is always there to catch you when you are down.

The EP concludes with the grungy sounds of “Payphone Love.” The hard-hitting rock song narrates navigating love as you question if the person is really in this for the right reasons or you are just being used. The singer reveals in his press release, “This was the first time I experienced someone choosing money over connection. Over love. That’s not a road I want to go down no matter how she tries to win me over.”

Wills’ life changed completely when he made the huge decision to leave his New Jersey life and head to Los Angeles. Though the move didn’t come without its challenges such as living out of his car, he ultimately found his way. Now he’s formed connections with so many talents in the LA music community and he’s finally discovered his true voice that lies within. This EP is Wills finally finding the courage to showcase his most boldly, confident self.

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