Bristler shares striking but lush offering “Jaguar Shark”

Singer/guitarist Rudy Meier is set to return with renewed energy and a new band, Bristler on debut album Cascades at Play, with new single “Jaguar Shark,” offering us a glimpse of the genre-defying world that awaits us.

Built on propulsive rhythms, winding bass, and stacked guitar textures, “Jaguar Shark,” is a  striking but lush offering led by Meier’s versatile tenor and smooth sonics hat recalls elements of DCFC and Minus the Bear.

Spinning a lyrical tale inspired by Wes Anderson’s The Life Aquatic – a film that depicts an oceanographer’s long quest to find the elusive Jaguar Shark, the track captures a sense of commitment alongside a rush that comes with the journey of discovery.

A track that establishes a new chapter in Meier’s musical journey as he sets up a home with Bristler, this new offering is an enticing glimpse of the intricate project to follow.

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