C.Shreve the Professor and Es-K go “B.I.G.”

North Carolina-based MC C.Shreve the Professor backs up his lyrical prowess once again as he pushes against the powers that be on his latest release titled “B.I.G.”. Here he recruits the sonic talents of Burlington, Vermont producer Es-K who laces him with a pounding and menacing soundscape made up of moody pads and strings with gritty horn passes. As the title suggests, C.Shreve goes out with a bang with no-holds-barred lyrics to dazzle new and core listeners. Armed with his energetic and paced flow and lines like “What’s paid, what’s borrowed/Whats the time value of the morrow bars off angle like the mark of Zorro/Thorough as the boroughs but I tend to borrow/Then I just emerge to admire murals“, he sets the tone and shows us how lyrically adept he is in one fell swoop.

“B.I.G.” is the lead single from C.Shreve the Professor and producer Es-K‘s forthcoming collaborative album entitled I Know How To Dig.

Chris Shreve, aka C.Shreve the Professor, is a founder of the hip-hop collective Free The Optimus, a two-time Carolina Music Award winner. The Professor’s moniker references his 12-year career as a university professor teaching biostatistics. He defines Free The Optimus as “a call to action—to set free our optimal ability & our optimistic perspective & to transform the world around us.”

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