J Swave shares video for his new single “Round and Round” [Video]

Uprising UK artist J Swave is slowly making his waves from the underground with his stylish laidback flow and relatable songwriting. In his new single “Round and Round”, he reflects on his journey as a young black man trying to find his footing in this unpredictable music industry and how he had to stay diversified to stay afloat. Over the smooth and soulful backdrop made up of warm pads and a recurring vocal sample, J Swave details the situation with candid lines like

Rap for me is a skill but it don’t yet pay the bills Got about 5 other skills that will help me pay the bills/can’t put it on here that’s a sticky one still Don’t ever think I do this for no chain watch or grills“.

The video is a blend of several performance shots that capture J Swave’s laidback demeanor and it’s also peppered by cut scenes and engaging visual effects.

Stream “Round and Round” on all DSPs here.