Cadillac Muzik takes us to the future with new single, "SpaceCowboy"

Texas-based artist Cadillac Muzik drops a single called "SpaceCowboy" — an intriguing track filled with psychedelic beats and impressive wordplay. 
Cadillac Muzik is undeniably a versatile artist, spending a majority of the beginning of his career creating alternative and southern soulful hip-hop. Recently, he has been experimenting with new sounds, mixing genres, as is displayed in his new single "SpaceCowboy," which feels otherworldly.
As soon as you put this track on, the trippy sounds take us to a time machine into the future. The choice of production by Moonshyne Brown, with instruments such as the drums, the piano keys, and the trumpet mixed together, are the perfect blend, further adding flavor to the lo-fi sounds and snappy beats. Cadillac Muzik's delivery is exceptionally smooth, feeling extremely liberating. The rhyming words hit the soul, adding an intriguing aspect, blending perfectly with the background sounds. The repetition of the words "SpaceCowBoy" definitely cause this track to be extremely memorable. Press play and listen to something refreshingly different. 
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