Camila Knight leads us through the “lavender fields”

Rising eclectic singer-songwriter Camila Knight is preparing to release her sophomore EP and after dropping 2 singles, she returns with the third titled “Lavender Fields.”

The track has a dreamy pad arrangement with airy guitar licks and slow pounding grooves underpinned by her breathy vocal runs and heartwarming songwriting. Here, she pontificates on a what-if situation and comes up with scenarios for an imaginary relationship as she wanders through a delusional state. The track is quite dynamic and slowly builds into a crescendo as her vivid lyrics ramp up the ante. Lines like

I want us to get back to that room
where we meet and start over
oh let us go out for the weekends
late night talks and Sunday breakfasts
waking up together would be the sweetest thing
if it wasn’t just a dream

show the extent she wants the dream to be so real but she is brought back to reality at the end of it all.

“Lavender Fieldsis a blissful and soul-stirring indie-pop ballad that is solely written and produced by Camila herself and is the last track on Camila’s new EP Spacetime.

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