Camino releases empowering new single “Steady”

Def Jam artist Camino showcases his boisterous vocals and soulful style on the latest release, "Steady." Appearing as the 24th track on Snoop Dogg's latest project Algorithm, the single also features rappers D Smoke and Wiz Khalifa. Equipped with a rhythmic chorus and steadfast bars, the track introduces listeners to the label’s vocalist. 

“Steady” has an empowering sound with a main piano melody and drums. Camino belts the simple chorus followed by passion fueled verses from the featured rappers. He sings, “I’m steady tryna deal with this pain" with an uplifting undertone that coincides with the somber lyricism. 

Whens peaking on this latest single, the Mississippi native describes his creative energy, "I never go into the studio to make a single. I never go in to make a hit record." He takes pride in the creative process. He continues, "I go in with energy and whatever I'm feeling that day, whatever I have that I want to get off of my chest. I write my own stuff and I take pride in that." The artist's passion and perseverance can be heard with every expressive ballad. 

Following the release of his debut EP Burning Fire, Camino continues to showcase his talents to his cult following on social media. The singer is bringing a fresh new vibe to the Def Jam label and making a name for himself in the industry with the respectable backing of Snoop Dogg. 

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