charliecomehome and Dage show us how the “Femme Fatale” moves

Genre-bending multi-instrumentalist, producer and songwriter charliecomehome grew up in Minneapolis, MN with Midwestern music and learned how to play the guitar before teaching himself how to produce music. He also ventured into performing live as a DJ and with numerous bands while honing his production prowess. His latest effort “Femme Fatale” is a collaboration with singer and songwriter Dage whose roots in Colombian and Canarian cultures give her music an edgy, soulful touch. The production by charliecomehome is a mix of blues/soul and jazz and it’s layered with multiple instruments ranging from soft keys, warm textures, strings and bright horns and a solid groove that gels perfectly with Dage’s lilting vocals. As the title suggests, it talks about the quintessential femme fatale whose gaze reduces men to boys and women to girls. She walks across the room with much grace that it seems she is floating and everybody around is utterly mesmerized by her.  Even Dage is willing to take once in a lifetime chance with lines like “I know you barely know me but what’s the risk/I’m running out of time so just make it quick“.

Now residing in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn; charliecomehome is currently collaborating with singer/songwriter Dage on their debut, Latin-infused, R&B/Soul album, Fumero. Making timeless records and creating memorable live experiences is charliecomehome’s main focus. He is eager to remain a student of the craft, discover new ways to push the sound forward and build a community surrounding his music.

Daniela Garcia-Escobar (Dage) was born and raised in NYC and released an EP titled That’s It Baby in 2019 under the moniker Granton Ave, her previous band. Currently, she is in the process of releasing her debut album, Fumero, in collaboration with charliecomehome.

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