common golfish explores London rave culture on “Tottenham Ritzy” [Video]

Known for being adept at blending genres, common goldfish unveils his latest single, ‘Tottenham Ritzy,’ a vibrant homage to London’s ’80s and ’90s rave culture. Inspired by hardcore DJ Slipmatt’s anecdotes about the iconic Tottenham Ritzy nightclub, Lovell was instantly propelled to craft this auditory time capsule.

Recalling the interview’s impact, Lovell shares that Slipmatt’s words about the Ritzy resonated deeply, especially being in close proximity to its historical relevance. He says that crafting this track felt instinctual, aiming to transport listeners to the Ritzy’s vibrant atmosphere, where the music engulfs you.

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However, Lovell mourns the venue’s demolition, lamenting the loss of community-centric spaces. “Tottenham Ritzy” encapsulates Lovell’s musical fusion, incorporating funk-infused beats and a magnetic piano melody, epitomising the euphoria of the rave era. Collaborating with friend and artist Dabieh, the track pulsates with energy.

Accompanying the release is a music video tracing a character’s quest for the Ritzy, showcasing Tottenham’s essence, with the visuals emphasise the cultural significance of safeguarding UK nightlife.

Mark your calendars for common goldfish’s live performance at London’s Camden Assembly on December 12th, promising an electrifying showcase.

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Photo credit: Alfie Bungay