Chris Corkal’s new dance single is “Easy to Love”

Vancouver-based producer Chris Corkal is ready to break into the dance music scene with his first single, “Easy to Love”. Corkal first discovered dance music with his brother, Richard, who was struggling with a heroin addiction.

Constantly offering Richard his support through his difficulties, Corkal looks back to a time when it was hard to love his brother but he still tried. “Easy to Love” is a translation of these events – speaking both to the fun and exciting parts of the relationship, and the parts where it got rocky. The title itself stands for addiction – how things can be easy to love, but it isn’t always the right choice to do so.

Chris Corkal’s first release, and a glimpse into his upcoming debut EP, “Easy to Love” starts off with smooth, simple chords and ambient vocals – echoing the words, “it’s so easy to love you”. Corkal uses this build-up as a symbol of romanticizing things and relationships, capturing the feeling of falling in love with something. As the melody fades out to become an almost euphoric synth rhythm, soon before diving headfirst into a bassy, drum-fueled beat.

The hectic, fast-paced beat drop represents coming back to reality and realizing things are a little crazier than you thought. Each aspect of the track has its own perfect place, combining to create the perfect audio journey – one we can follow along and, through his carefully designed soundscape, understand. Throughout the track, Corkal allows us to enter a dark corner of his mind – one with memories of love, struggles, and things that aren’t always what they seem.

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