Colour TV explore communication breakdown on “You Treat This Place Like A Hotel”

South-West indie sensation Colour TV is back with their new single, “You Treat This Place Like A Hotel,” serving as a tantalising preview of their forthcoming third EP, showcasing an exciting evolution in their musical journey.

Following an action-packed summer that included support from BBC Radio 6 Music and a powerful performance at the Isle of Wight Festival, as well as sold-out shows across the UK, Colour TV is undoubtedly on the rise. Notably, the band has embraced a new phase by welcoming their fifth member, bass player Chris Harwood. This addition marks a significant shift in their sound, emphasising poignant lyricism and melodic interplay. In their own words, “We aspire to condense cinema to pop art form, to soundtrack the film of your life.”

The new single, “You Treat This Place Like A Hotel,” reflects their mature and vibrant musicality. It captures a sense of yearning set against an intricate, atmospheric indie soundscape. With reverb-laden guitars, driving bass lines, and rhythmic drums, the track creates an energetic and thoughtful soundscape. The charismatic and emotive vocals add to the charm, occasionally reaching into falsetto. As the song unfolds, an infectious chorus emerges, complete with intricate guitar lines that showcase the band’s experimental prowess. This unique blend of uptempo indie-pop with a touch of melancholy has earned them accolades.

The song’s emotional core delves into a relationship marked by a breakdown in communication, posing the question of whether one is a mere stand-in for someone else’s love. It expresses the desire to be valued for who we truly are, not just for superficial qualities.

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