common goldfish gets nostalgic on “Low Lights and Throwback Tunes”

Tottenham-based producer and multi-instrumentalist common goldfish is back with his latest track, “Low Lights and Throwback Tunes.” This is the fourth incarnation of the artist’s distinct psychedelic British sound.

The new track is filled with additional electronic components and free-flowing notes, evocative of 90s piano house, and offers a blend of hedonism and nostalgia that is ideal for taking listeners through to the early hours of the morning. It’s an immediate party music, enticing everyone to dance and reminisce.

Lovell explains that the song is about the times you have with your friends, and that one famous retro melody that comes booming out of the speakers, “Before you know it, everyone’s up and dancing, and there’s a buzz in the air.”

“Low Lights and Throwback Tunes” is more than simply common goldfish’s strong connection with classic British music. Lovell’s music has evolved, with more electronic components developed from time spent alone in the studios experimenting with repeated beats and computer features.

Collaboration with an old acquaintance who is a writer inspired common goldfish the most. He’d planned a vocal hook, but the words came later, after he read the poetry he’d been working on. The first line of one poem, “Low lights and throwback tunes,” stood out immediately. He was overcome with nostalgia and felt that had to be the core of the song.

“Feel The Fuzz,” common goldfish’s debut song, was released in March 2022 and received critical acclaim. He has captivated the attention of music lovers and reviewers alike with his colourful, ear-catching tunes and lively sounds.

His sound is influenced by formative experiences of his boyhood and childhood, during which he was exposed to a wide spectrum of music, including The Beatles, The Police, Moby, Blur, Gorillaz, Eminem and Dr Dre. Electronic acts such as Floating Points, Four Tet, Nightmares on Wax, and Caribou also strongly inspire common goldfish’s sound. His self-taught producing skills, varied musical taste, and live components of guitar, bass, keys, and vocals have combined to produce a distinct sound that has captured music listeners all over the world.

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