conner releases third alternative rock song “bite the bullet”

Maryland native conner released his first two songs last year and garnered a notable buzz, but more than anything showed a huge amount of potential as a brand new artist combining punk rock and rap. It’s immediately evident that he knows himself well and plays to his strengths, and he does exactly that on his new third single “bite the bullet.” 

“bite the bullet” is an almost angsty rock track that hears the rising singer almost rapping in moments. It’s evidently punk-influenced, and the lyrics “both her parents hate me ’cause I rock out” epitomize the track’s high energy. 

When he sings “full speed, don’t stop,” it’s impossible to not turn the volume up in preparation for when the drums hit. “bite the bullet” does what some of the best rock songs do: makes the listener feel a surge of momentum within themselves. It’s energetic, and never feels like conner is aiming to do anything other than make a kick-ass song that will allow people to come into his world. It’s a strong third track from an artist that will be worth paying attention to moving forward. 

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