Daddy drops quarantine anthem “CORONA” feat. Ben Ramazani

Coming off the release of his song Rich White Bitch, Daddy is a New York based artist who is slowly making a name for himself. His strong vision and storytelling is at the core of his work with hints of humor that uniquely characterizes his musical style. 

Daddy studied TV and Film at New York University. His music videos, cover art and visual language all connect, authentically. He is an artist who is genuinely himself, no-filter and no-rules – carving a path of his own. During this time of quarantine and uncertainty, Daddy and his brother Ben came together to make the song and video “Corona”. They wrote, produced, and recorded the track in Ben’s room.

Both Daddy and Ben are freelancers, so they’ve been hit pretty hard by the social and economic repercussions of the virus. In no way does the track come across as insensitive to the severity of the virus. 

The production has a fun yet subtle bounce to it as it gives space for Daddy to comfortably flow on the beat. And the lyrics are accompanied with an incredibly creative and entertaining music video. Their dad who is not a filmmaker shot the video (and the cover art as well). In true quarantine fashion, this is a family that came together to make some up-lifting art, that’s bound to put a smile on anyone’s face. 

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