Dallas String Quartet share elegant rendition of “Wildest Dreams”

Dallas String Quartet have shared a new rendition of Taylor Swift‘s “Wildest Dreams”. Founded in 2007 by violinist Ion Zanca, the quartet’s style fuses contemporary classical with modern pop sensibilities. After performing for president Barack Obama, they gained wider recognition and released a prolific series of albums containing lush, graceful orchestrations. For their latest offering, they present an elegant cover of “Wildest Dreams” that refreshingly puts a classical twist on the renowned original.

“Wildest Dreams” is a dynamic classical release, as uplifting, serene strings build in layers until they reach an emotive, blissful crescendo. Underscored by rich stand-up bass, this cover is infectious and immersive, drawing the listener deeply into its romantic atmosphere. Shimmering and luxurious in sound, this offering finds the Dallas String Quartet showcasing their signature style, cohesively blending classical orchestration with modern pop influences to create a refreshing, evocative offering.

The latest from Dallas String Quartet, their cover of Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams” finds them continuing their prolific run of elegant, intimate neoclassical releases.

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