Karl Zine is determined to maintain his sense of self in “Saffron”

London artist Karl Zine knows all about the passion of love and the deep intensity relationships can bring. In the midst of that fervency though, it’s important to remember to maintain your sense of self. Zine’s latest single “Saffron” beautifully narrates this exact idea. With intricate harmonies skating atop electronic arrangements, the glistening track bleeds with so much raw emotion. 

“Saffron” is a compelling offering that displays real human connection while delicately detailing matters of the heart. Many of us can relate to the need to hold on to our identity and remain our own person within the partnership. Zine wrote much of the lyrics to “Saffron” in Tokyo when he was vacationing by himself.The singer reveals in a statement “I found myself just walking around, following my gut instincts about where to go and finding myself in crowded streets of Shinjuku and Shibuya, surrounded by unfamiliar sights and sounds, contemplating loneliness, what drives us to search out others to share our lives with, and what the things that capture our attention say about us.”

Embarking on his solo career in September 2020 through releasing singles “Greenscreen” and and follow up single “Outturn” Zine obtained a loyal and dedicated following. Not only has he discovered recognition as a singer, but as a producer as well. His innovative production style gained  him a nomination for Breakthrough Producer of the Year. Get sucked into the sincerity of “Saffron” now.

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