Seddy Hendrinx locks in with K Camp on "Trying"

Seddy Hendrinx and K Camp are too focused on elevation to get distracted in their new song "Trying". The Jacksonville-based rapper has become a standout since he cemented his presence with his breakout hit "LOWKEY". He's been able to follow up his momentum with two solid projects, B.H.D and Sayless, and a handful of well-received collaborations. Seddy is already proving to be one of Duval's most versatile rappers with the variety of sounds he pulls from.

Seddy heartfelt lyricism and natural ability to float across instrumentals has made him a rising star to watch out for. Lately, he has stayed outside the spotlight and holed himself up in the studio, working overtime to perfect his new sound. There isn't official news on when his next project's coming, but he's been keeping fans fed with the slew of singles dropped on YouTube.

"Trying" is his latest delivery as he glides across the airy instrumental and explains his obsessive mindset for success. The long-awaited collaboration with K Camp is one that both fan bases have sought after because of their similar rap aesthetics. Both rappers don't fail to impress as they stress the importance of staying down until you come up.

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