Darren Waller shares potent offering, “Faith Test” [Video]

Darren Waller has dropped off a new song and video, titled “Faith Test”. Waller, an Atlanta-raised Hip-Hop artist currently residing in Las Vegas, is not just a professional football player but also a dedicated student of all music genres. Influenced by Jay-Z, Ludacris, and Coldplay, he started his musical journey in 2015. Achieving milestones like Madden NFL soundtrack placements and collaborations with Sy Ari Da Kid and Euroz, Waller’s music details personal experiences with vulnerability to both inspire and relate to listeners. Waller’s latest release, “Faith Test”, is a potent, heartfelt new release with true-to-life lyricism and a stripped-back, down to earth approach and an engaging, minimalistic new visual.

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“Faith Test” contains sleek, rising vocal lines and crisp, infectious percussion that create a refreshing backdrop for Waller’s poised, introspective verses. Sounding focused and sharp on the microphone, he lays down line after line of thoughtful lyricism that gives “Faith Test” added character. Accompanied by a new video shot by ARod2Up that captures the song’s motivational energy and enticing minimalism with intimate edits and an engaging pace.

“Faith Test” serves as the introduction to Darren Waller’s upcoming album, The Ripple Effect. Drawing inspiration from a 12-step book, the album explores the profound impact of thoughts and actions, backed by uplifting instrumentation and laced with poignant lyricism.

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