Dea Doyle feels liberated in gritty raw single “Over You”

London singer-songwriter Dea Doyle digs deep within herself to find liberation in her new single “Over You.” Deciding to leave a relationship can be a challenging thing, but this track shows that with some self-introspection we can find the courage, independence and strength to do the right thing. 

Doyle shares, “I wrote this song at a time in my life where I felt liberated, thinking if I can get over someone I once loved then maybe I’ll never need anyone ever again. At the very end of the song I do flip the idea on its head and question whether I truly am over them, but on a whole it’s about feeling emotionally detached and regaining my independence.”

“Over You” is a beautiful amalgamation of soft, satiny vocals, and gritty ’90s-inspired instrumentation, reflecting the mix of emotions you go through when making a difficult decision. Doyle shares an empowering message in the new single, encouraging listeners to put themselves first and stand up for what they believe is best. 

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