Del Water Gap wants you to know him "Better Than I Know Myself"

{Photo credit Angela Ricciardi}

What Brooklyn-based polymath Del Water Gap delivers in his music is nothing less than stadium-quality indie music that demands to be sung along with; in the car, in the shower, wherever you can belt out feel-good ballads with no regard for the opinion of others.  The solo project of the exceedingly talented S. Holden Jaffe, "Better Than I Know Myself" is another one of those deeply personal indie jams that is infinitely karaoke-able and appropriately summer-themed.  

A brilliantly layered composition, the primary driver of the track is the steady pulse of the electric guitar with the innumerable layers of synths and tidy drumbeat keeping the track moving along.  Written by Jaffe and fellow indie superstar Claud, the themes of the song focus on wanting to be wanted and the fear of losing love.  It's a very moving and highly motivating track that feels timelessly composed; just as fit to be played in the dog days of summer as it is to be played in the dead of winter.  The distinctly grainy and introspective feel of the accompanying visualizer echoes the same themes that make the track stand out and give a more fleshed-out narrative for the song.

Del Water Gap is gearing up for an exciting tour hitting Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Columbus, and Cambridge this fall as well as his much-anticipated self-titled debut album due out in October.  With so much on the horizon for the acclaimed singer/songwriter/producer, it speaks to his strong artistic vision to have never lost sight of the emotionally-charged and bare-all storytelling that makes his music special. 

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