Talia Jackson’s “YOU” is a dark pop gem

Netflix star and emerging pop singer-songwriter Talia Jackson is known for her soulful electro pop and R&B inspired songs centered around the artist’s failed romance and break-up grievances. In her latest offering entitled “YOU”, she shares her regrets and teaches us that sometimes love is a losing game. Reflecting on a former turbulent relationship that caused her an incredible amount of suffering, she revisits her circumstances in order to heal, but does so in a style that invokes trust, power, and hope. There’s a beautiful world to be seen inside Jackson’s mind and heart.

“YOU” is an immersive and beautifully constructed blend of modern pop and alt R&B that carries the weight and musical maturity like that of a seasoned artist. In the song, Jackson tells the story of her heartbreak and the dueling emotions that preoccupied her mind as she moved to self-preservation in the wake of an unpredictable, roller-coaster relationship. Flowing, divine vocals bring her vulnerable lyrics to light and you can do nothing else but fall back into this song and let the emotion roll over you. A rhythmic and cinematic backdrop of production by The Morgue adds to the empathic nature of the song and before you know it, you will have the record on repeat. The accompanying visuals for “YOU” are equally as immersive and show Jackson portrayed in shades of red and purple to further communicate her conflicted and moody state of mind.

Talia Jackson draws influences from artists such as SZA, Jhene Aiko and Lana Del Rey. The concepts found in her music inspire growth and change, such as embracing her identity as a biracial woman and overcoming mental health disorders. Jackson’s music provides an outlet for others to navigate through their own personal struggles and challenges with adversity.

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