Noah Solt makes an impressive debut with poetic track “Spheres”

Singer/songwriter Noah Solt makes an impressive debut with “Spheres,” an atmospheric and poetic track with an empowering message on trusting and being yourself. With a lush soundscape featuring expansive pianos, cinematic strings and Solt’s hypnotic vocal lines.

Making for a soothing and warm sonic experience, the layered track encourages us to greet each moment in life as ourselves without allowing others to dim our light. Written on a trip between Namibia and Brazil on St. Helena, the track brims with a tranquillity and intimacy balanced by punchy beats and groove.

Raised in the landlocked Colorado Rocky Mountains and having developed skills as a guitarist, Solt’s inherent musical talents found him at Berklee College of Music in Boston during the onslaught of COVID-19.

Stepping away from his musical journey to chart a path as a sailor, his musicality served as a guiding force and greatest inspiration for his upcoming debut album Big Water.

An enticing glimpse of this project which is set to be exploration of self-reflection and hope, his debut track sets Solt up for success in the indie folk scene.

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