Derive Music Publishing (DMP) reveals strategic phases in the evolution of music

Derive Music Publishing (DMP) has been making remarkable strides within the music industry, diligently establishing itself as a standout and talented team since its inception in 2021. Over the years, DMP has navigated various phases, expertly handling tasks ranging from acquiring music masters to collaborating with entertainment lawyers before music releases. The company has attained noteworthy success, boasting impressive streaming numbers with revenue, thanks to strategic analytics and distribution partnerships with leading platforms such as Spotify and Venice Music Collective.

A defining moment in DMP’s journey comes with releasing their latest track, “Thursday remx,” featuring owner Koolie and Florida artist Blaine Legendary. This collaborative effort, produced by DMP and Andre “Drevibes” Chevolleau, encapsulates the vibrant Miami vibe and introduces a refreshing touch of originality and innovation. Having already secured placements on multiple Spotify playlists, DMP is now gearing up for the visual phase, collaborating with the renowned Miami-based film company Fan Cinematix.

Koolie underscores that “Thurs rmx” is a strategic move for the business, emanating a great vibe reminiscent of the original record. DMP’s unwavering commitment to top-notch sound production and strategically expansive global reach position them as a formidable presence in the music industry. With a focus on further growth and expanded influence, DMP enters the visual phase, maintaining its dedication to delivering a distinct and immersive artistic experience for audiences worldwide.

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