Devan releases soft-spoken sophmore single “Almost” featuring Corey Harper

Devan has been working towards moments like this since she was ten years old. It’s been awhile since those early days of demo tapes; today, the Toronto-born singer-songwriter releases her second solo single “Almost.” Featuring alt-pop singer Corey Harper, the soft duet narrates the palpable struggle of deciding whether to trust yourself to give in fully to a relationship.

For the past six years, Devan has co-fronted alt-folk band Wild Rivers, who has garnered attention lately with upbeat track “I Do” from their 2020 EP “Songs to Break Up To”; another commentary on  relationship struggles using catchy hooks and understated instrumentals.

Devan’s production style in her solo endeavors is reminiscent of that in the band. Produced with Adam Boukis (Timbaland, Icona Pop), “Almost” uses toned down production to emphasize vocals, along with a spellbinding guitar lick that interweaves itself throughout. While some pop songs grow to a robust climax at the last chorus, this softer, consistent rhythm creates a space where neither voice nor guitar overpowers one another. Devan and Harper’s perspectives come and go, as if in conversation. 

While continuing with Wild Rivers and charting a course for more releases in her solo career, Devan is well on her way to creating the life she imagined at ten years old. 

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