donSMITH is "Still DON" [Video]

NY emcee donSMITH's newest effort "Still DON" is an introspective piece that explores the value of having a great legacy behind one's name above everything else. Armed with his unique smooth flow and passionate demeanor, he takes listeners into his world where he shows us both his flaws, errors, and successes.

The reflective record is built on a soundscape prepared by RanVanDam who makes use of ethereal textures, dreamy chords, and soft drum grooves that lines up perfectly with donSMITH's vivid storytelling. As for the visuals, director Lyandre Pierre pulls out the big guns and delivers a profound clip that explores the connection between life, death, and the non-linearity element of age. It makes use of performance shots spliced with donSMITH at different stages of his life and we get to see the changing variables all around him. Ultimately, the only important element that stays the same is who he is as a person.

"Still DON" is the lead single from his forthcoming EP In Loving Memory.

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