DRYVE explores synthwave on pulsating remix of Peppermint Heaven’s “1-2-3”

LA-based duo Peppermint Heaven have returned with two new remixes of their recent single “1-2-3”, featuring a rather exciting dance remix from synth pop producer Dryve. The single taken from their emphatic album Rocktropolis is an early 2000’s style pop track filled with electrifying synths and fast drum tracks. 

The new remix features a punchy drum beat alongside Dryve’s classic remix style of heavy side-chain and electrifying bass sounds often found amongst EDM tracks. This leftfield 80’s style of Retro-pop is something you’d probably want to hear at the end of a big night out, leaving you wanting more. With Dryve having taken on remix duties for some of the biggest artists in the world including Whitney Houston, The Pet Shop Boys, Dianna Ross and Madonna, it comes as no surprise that this track could be the next big pop anthem. 

Peppermint Heaven – 1-2-3 (Dryve remix) is out now on all streaming platforms.

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