Duck Wax drop lively and anthemic offering “Haircuts”

Rock-funk five-piece Duck Wax share lively anthem “Haircuts,” bringing a punk attitude to funky grooves with dynamic guitars, rich saxophones and gritty vocals. Carried by anthemic energy and a charming vibe, the track treads the line between punk and funk with seamless ease. 

A free-flowing anthem brimming with plenty of rhythm, the track is crisp and polished. Speaking of the production process, the band adds, This time round we stepped away from our “everyone in the room” live-style recording, which we had done before, and recorded each instrument in stages. This gave us a lot more clarity in the takes, giving us a much better sound. It took a lot more time than our previous techniques, but the production sound we got from it massively outweighed all of our previous releases.” 

Comprised of twin brothers and close friends, Duck Wax have built up a blend of rock-funk fusion with soft edges as they continue to channel power and fun in equal halves. 

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